For more firewood videos visit our video directory. Normally we povide stacking of our Kiln Dried Firewood and right now do not provide this part of the service until the social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions are removed.
Kiln Dried Firewood Burning in the Fireplace Video - Boston
Kiln dried firewood burning in the fireplace....

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Our Wood is Stored Indoors

Our wood is as dry as or drier than the day it came out of the kiln – great for good-burning fires.

Romantic Warm Fires

As "The Firewood Concierge,” we pay close attention to getting the highest-quality firewood so you don’t have to work at keeping the fire going.

Kindling Included

Processing, bundling and delivering firewood produces kindling-sized pieces that we bag and give to our customers to start their fires with, as any good Firewood Concierge would do.

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Kiln Dried Firewood Delivered but Not Stacked

Stacking Firewood is currently available at an extra charge

We are a supplier of kiln-dried firewood in Eastern Massachusetts with a different approach: no-labor fires. We know you want a nice warm fire to relax in front of while you sit back and enjoy life. Typically, you aren’t the do-it-yourself lumberjack with the time and access to wood to cut and haul your firewood. To get from the forest to the fireplace, we estimate that you would handle each piece of wood about ten times. We provide firewood "concierge" service. Scouring New England, we find sources of quality kiln-dried wood with a low moisture content that consistently lights and burns well. Then we go the extra step. You call us, and we deliver the wood neatly where you want it. Parking, alleys, stairs, basements, hallways, and elevators are no problem. We also offer stacking services to stack the wood in your storage area. Call Paul, and he will give you a price on the stacking service. The only heavy lifting required for you is picking up the phone and calling us. Leave the rest to us. We will always deliver the amount you ordered and guarantee the product.

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Kiln dried hardwood Kindling

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Face Cord Of Firewood the Dimensions Explained


Face Cord Of Firewood Boston What is a Face Cord the Dimensions Explained. Ordering firewood customers often can not picture what a face cord of firewood looks like Paul Fulmour explaining what a face cord of firewood being stacked up with a full cord of wood for scale. For more firewood videos visit our video directoryStacking will be available again (When COVID-19 restrictions are removed)