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Firewood Concierge

Small quantity Firewood-DeliverySmall quantities of Firewood delivered to you. We do not require you to order a full cord of wood Click to see a bigger picture of real wood service in Indiagreat room fire small DSC 3842Great Rooms Deserve Great Fires in the FireplaceWe have searched the internet for pictures to show firewood customer service. The one to the left is from India. For small quantities of wood delivered to you if we need to we will even call a cab for your wood. So far we have not been asked to do that.

The picture to the right is a great fire burning in a great room we took exploring New England. The point is we want our customers to have great burning fires that are easy to light that will enhance their home when it is time to relax and enjoy the ambiance of a good fire at home.

Our Firewood

Our kiln dried firewood is the means to an end - good wood a good fire in the fireplace. We even guarantee it with our firewood guarantee.

At Boston Firewood we sell bundled firewood picked up at our yard in Dedham MA. We also sell kiln dried firewood half cords and other quantities delivered and stacked on the first floor in the following sizes you can click on the links below for more information on each;

For picking up bundles or truckloads please call before stopping so that we can make sure someone is available to load your car or truck. We are happy to help but sometimes extra people are needed for delivery. Call 781-254-2773