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Bundled Firewood Boston, Massachusetts

The amount of firewood people need and when they want it varies greatly, and we want to accommodate as many people as possible for their firewood needs. We used only to sell face cords of firewood delivered. But I have found that people also want smaller quantities for occasional fires. Our bundles are available for pickup. They are larger than convenience store bundles and, based on size, are less expensive for the amount you get. The value is the larger size for about 2 dollars more.

Bigger Bundles of Firewood Picked Up Our Yard
In this video, we want to show what our bundles look like compared to what other places sell. In this case, we think size does count towards value.

This is not just firewood cut, split, and partially seasoned. It is a consistent-sized hardwood that has been kiln-dried to the correct moisture content specifically for burning in the fireplace so it will light quickly and burn brightly.

Bundled Firewood supplied by

Hi I'm Paul from boston firewood I'm going to show you what a cord of firewood should look like when you purchase it whether it be from us or anybody else

Hi i'm Paul from Boston firewood here to show you some of the bundles we have available which

we sell here at our shop that you can come pick up that are larger we deliver bundles like this here that a bigger

by a third or better buy we deliver bundles this size to your

home if you choose or you can come by and pick them up you're welcome to do that Our

bundles are $10 apiece and some people might wince at that but here are

some of the other bundles you might buy at a gas station or grocery store this bundle here is made by a

competitor you can see the logs as opossed to this that's typically some wheres around

$6 dollars This bundle if you live in North Andover and you had seven dollars and

you want to go buy it they're available at a well-known variety store it was

$6.99 and I had to walk back and buy it when I saw how much they wanted for such a

small bundle here's our bundle that will last you for a whole night watching movies or

Bruins game perhaps two bundles on a Saturday or Sunday

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Boston Firewood, we sell bundled firewood picked up at our yard in Dedham, MA. We also sell kiln-dried firewood half cords and other quantities listed below, delivered in bulk in the following sizes. You can click on the links below for more information on each;

For picking up bundles or truckloads, please call before stopping so that we can make sure someone is available to load your car or truck. We are happy to help, but sometimes extra people are needed for a delivery. Call 781-254-2773