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Video Cord Of Firewood Explained

Due to COVID-19 and social distanceing we can not currently provide stacking services we will resume when closer contact is safe.

Often we run into customers that ask us what a cord or half cord of firewood wood looks like. So in this video, we explain and show what a full cord of firewood is and what the dimensions of a full cord should be after it has been stacked in a cubic shape. So we took a minute to do this quick video in the storage area that we hope will help you see for your self the space needed to store cord of firewood.

Half Cord of Firewood the Definition of it is and What a half cord looks like

Explaining What A Cord of Firewood should look like and What the Dimensions Should Be
In this video, we cover some of the things that are important when considering who you are going to buy firewood from. What is the final amount of wood that you should have after the wood is stacked? Paul discusses a number of factors that set his company apart from other companies that supply firewood in the greater Boston area.

This is not just firewood that has been cut, split and partially seasoned. It is a consistent size hardwood that has been kiln dried specifically for burning in the fireplace. We provide the right amount of firewood that you order plus maybe a little bit more

What a cord of firewood looks like video transcript

Hi I'm Paul from boston firewood I'm going to show you what a cord of firewood should look like when you purchase it whether it be from us or anybody else

a cord of wood is defined as 128 cubic feet that's all you really need to know is the cord itself should be measured from one end to the other folks with 48 inches that's 3/16 inch logs should be 48 inches tall

Ours is a little bit taller because we have gaps when we bundle it was all stacked tightly 48 inches deep and then it when you come down this way a cord of wood should be 96 inches all right eight feet long

we try to primarily to stay with maple ash and birch occasionally there is some oak but oak is a difficult wood to kill dry so most most the time we you find oak in a kiln-dried cord of wood the won't burn or it Burns with difficulty

Because oak this much thicker and denser and without given the proper drying time it doesn't work well

We sell primarily in Boston metropolitan area there's probably a 15 mile radius of Boston we find that works best we will go further but that's the area we try to focus on is Boston and Metro West

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For customers that want to check how much wood they got after it was delivered and have questions about the amount they received, we have a firewood calculator. The other situation can be odd shapes of the stacked wood but you till want to figure out how much wood you got relative to cord dimensions or cubic feet we have our firewood calculator that can be used to take the height, width, and depth and convert it to what those dimensions would be in terms of cubic feet and a cord of wood. .

Boston Firewood sell kiln dried firewood half cords and other quantities delivered and stacked on the first floor in the following sizes you can click on the links below for more information on each;

For picking up bundles or truckloads please call before stopping so that we can make sure someone is available to load your car or truck. We are happy to help but sometimes extra people are needed for a delivery. Call 781-254-2773