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Town of Weston Information


weston house with three chimneys smallWith great chimneys like this, Weston house should have great fires in the fireplace.Many of Weston's details add up to the need or want to buy kiln-dried firewood in Weston. The town's rural feel is largely due to the lack of population density. As of the 2010 Census, the population was 11,261, and the number of housing units is about 3,820. To put this in context, Newton, Massachusetts, has a population of about 85,000, and the number of housing units is 32,112. This comparison is because both towns are about the same in size but certainly are very different in the resulting "feel." With the soil and topography, most of the early use of the land was not for agriculture, so some of the tree stands are older and bigger trees that are not really available to be cut for large amounts of firewood. A lot of space is set aside for public and private recreation and country settings to be enjoyed. With the space, many of the homes have fireplaces, and owners, when they do have the time, want to enjoy a fire in the winter in the fireplace or an outdoor fireplace and enjoy the surroundings. Many homes have multiple fireplaces and owners who want to enjoy them and entertain around a nice burning fire.

Weston Firewood Supplier

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When you are looking for a firewood supplier of kiln-dried firewood near me in the town of Weston, now you can relax and know that we deliver and service your firewood needs in the town of Weston. As a supplier of high-quality firewood, we also stack the firewood for you, so we take the labor out of getting firewood and put the relaxation in. does not just service Boston only; we also supply the metro west area outside of Boston out to about Wayland. To do this well, we travel to northern New England every year to make sure we have an ample supply of kiln-dried firewood, so when you want it, we have it.

Our Kiln Dried Firewood

The trees for our firewood are chosen from the straight sections of tree trunks for two reasons. This will go through the high-volume splitter well without jamming, and with straight pieces, there is more wood in the amount you get since it stacks tighter. 

The source of our firewood is from forestry in Northern New England, so it is a renewable resource and comes from responsible forest management. When a property owner selectively logs his property in the thinning operation, some of the wood is used for paper, lumber, energy sources, and or flooring that is finished in Canada. The best use of each tree is considered in the cutting operation. Mixed hardwoods that are straight and the right size for firewood are loaded and trucked from the forest to the kiln for processing to consistently sized and dried wood that is available year-round because of the large volumes that are stockpiled regarding time of year. The kiln drying frees up the need to wait a year to season the wood or sell someone wood that is not dry enough. All the wood is certified bug-free since the process is completely controlled, and the interior temperature is measured like a meat thermometer would do. The computer even measures the humidity in the kiln and airflow. The result is consistently high quality. As a residential suburb of Boston, many people commute to the city. They are busy, and when they get home, they want the convenience of quality dry wood delivered and stacked. The stacking is an optional service.  Wood that lights easily burns brightly and creates a great relaxing or romantic environment during downtime. That is what we are in business for to provide "Consierge Firewood Service". What we mean by that is we take care of all the details from forest to fireplace so that the work is out of getting firewood and puts the enjoyment in.

Bright Burning Fires

The bottom line is with our kiln-dried firewood, you do pay more than seasoned wood, and you do get a brighter, easier-to-light fire that gives off more warmth. We know it is hard to prove this, but here is a picture of a fire that started a minute ago and is ready to enjoy.

We have a picture on the home page of Paul Bunyon and Babe, his blue ox. This is the best way of saying we take on all the tough physical stuff. Firewood can be a very hard workout. Cutting down the tree, cutting it into small pieces, hauling it, splitting the pieces, and stacking the wood piece, if done manually, means you can easily handle each piece from 10 to 20 times before delivery from the yard in Hyde Park to the customer in Weston. So Paul Bunyon is our reference to how much work and labor is involved in sourcing, collecting, and processing good wood for burning. The extra step of kiln drying makes our wood a consistently high-quality product. If you like the exercise involved with firewood, we respect that, and you would not be a customer for us. If you want the work done for you so the wood is stacked in place and is great burning dried firewood call us, we look forward to being of service. 1-781-254-2773

If you want Firewood in Weston, see a comparison for yourself. Burn in your fireplace a small amount of “Seasoned firewood,” then switch over to our kiln-dried wood. It lights easier, burns brighter, there is almost no sizzling and popping, which is water being heated and burned off, and substantially less smoke, meaning less soot and creosote is collecting in your chimney. Call Paul at 1-781-254-2773. See for yourself.