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Kiln Dried Firewood Lights Easily, Burns Brightly

Buying firewood in the Boston area, we have found that customers are looking for firewood that lights easily and burns brightly. Our typical customer does not buy large volumes of firewood to heat the house. They are burning wood to relax in the evening or on the weekend and enjoy the ambiance of a nice fire. To show customers what fires look like when burning our kiln-dried wood. 

Romantic Fires

Boston firewoods firewood see an example of how it burns.
See what it looks like to burn our kiln-dried firewood.
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Boston Firewood, we sell bundled firewood picked up at our yard in Dedham, MA. We also sell kiln-dried firewood half cords and other quantities delivered and stacked on the first floor in the following sizes. You can click on the links below for more information on each;

For picking up bundles or truckloads, please call before stopping so that we can make sure someone is available to load your car or truck. We are happy to help, but sometimes extra people are needed for a delivery. Call 781-254-2773