Request For Quote Service Area

As a rule of thumb, we cover approximately a radius of 15 miles from our yard in Hyde Park, MA. Another way to look at it would be drawing a circle of fifteen miles from the center of Boston, Massachusetts. If it makes sense, we are happy to supply wood to this general area. Naturally, we try to consolidate our deliveries to be time efficient and not waste a lot of fuel zigzagging around the greater Boston area and Metro West section outside of Boston. We sell a carbon-neutral product that comes from a renewable resource. The source of the firewood we sell is from forest management in Northern New England. So when you read something on glossy paper, put in wood flooring, or turn on a light, this product is a by-product of all the activity of producing these things.

Wood Quantities We Sell

Because we sell convenience, we sell firewood in the amounts the customer wants, and we define the amounts here on this site


In addition, we are constantly working to build the business and provide quality service for our customers. To do this we have two things a firewood guarantee so we make sure that if there is a problem we know about it and can fix it. We also offer a referral program so that when customers are happy with the fires they have, they tell a friend. If you tell someone new about our service after they order and tell us how they heard about us, we will give you extra wood on the next order and a gift. If they are unhappy, please tell us, and we will make it right.

To make it easy to deal with us, there is an online quote form to give us details on what you are looking for and where the wood needs to be delivered. For those who want a faster response, please call Paul at 781-254-2773.